Pool Equipment Install

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Pool Equipment Install

Pool Equipment Install

Pool Bros offers a variety of Pool Equipment Install Services. Will your pool need to have a new freeze guard or heater installed in the near future? If so, then you can rely on Pool Services to handle all you pool equipment installation needs. We are ready to install a variety of pool equipment for our customers, including automatic cleaners, automatic controllers and more.

Automatic Pool Cleaners

If you are looking for an effective way to decrease how much time you need to spend cleaning out your pool, then an automatic pool cleaner is an excellent choice. Depending on how much debris enters your pool and its interior surface, our staff can help you find the appropriate pool cleaner to suit your needs.

Automatic Controllers

Modern technology has made our lives more convenient than ever before, and managing the state of your pool is no exception. With an automatic controller you can monitor your pool’s temperature, cleaner and filter pump from your computer, smartphone or tablet. Let our technicians know which options you want, and they will recommend a controller that has the right features.


If you wish to be able to use your pool during more than just the warmer months, then installing a heater is a good investment to make. Solar heaters, gas heaters and electric heaters are a few of the most common types available. Our team will gladly recommend you a suitable heater for your budget and energy efficiency needs.

Salt Systems

If you would like to make sure that your pool’s water is safe for swimming without spending money on chemicals, then consider adding a salt system to your pool. These systems are safe, low maintenance, eco-friendly and quite simple to use. Many pool owners associate a certain harshness with chlorine, but the salt that this system converts into chlorine will not have the same harshness to it. If you are interested in installing a salt system in your pool, then ask for an estimate today.

Filtration Equipment

If you are at all concerned with the safety of your swimmers, then filtering your pool’s water is mandatory. A pool cannot properly function without clean water. Sand filters, diatomaceous earth filters and cartridge filters are the most common kinds of pool filters on the market today. Diatomaceous earth filters are the most effective, but sand filters require the least maintenance.

Pool Covers

When your pool is not in use, a quality pool cover is essential to keep debris out of it. There are a wide array of different pool covers to choose from, so you won’t have any difficulties finding something that matches your preferences.