Pool Renovations

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Pool Renovations

 Pool Renovations-Bring out the best in your pool

What’s the point of having a swimming pool you can’t enjoy? Swimming pools are subject to wear and tear and changes are to be expected with each passing year. An ancient deck or faded tiling can make a pool less enjoyable. We want to bring your pool area back to life with our pool renovation solutions.

Leave the work to the experts

For decades, we have been working with households, helping them get the most out of their properties. Specializing in pool beautification, we have been serving the CITY community for nearly two decades. Our re-plastering, remodeling and renovation services can transform any pool.

Our services

Re-plastering-Plaster stains and cracks over the years. The structure will remain intact, but the surface areas will become damaged because of exposure to the elements. Re-plastering fills in the cracks in the concrete overlay while protecting the structure from elements that could compromise its performance.

Remodeling-The pool tiles can become loose or faded over time due to repeated exposure to chlorine and an array of other chemicals. We can revamp your entire pool area and assist you in selecting beautiful, inspired tile combinations, so that your pool’s fullest potential is reached. We can create aesthetically pleasing tiling combinations that suit your personal taste and preferences.

Pool renovations-When the pool was initially constructed, it was probably built with a particular vision. Now years later, that style and scheme have probably run its course. Whether it is the addition of a tanning shelf, space or a new deck area or simply modernizing the overall appearance of the pool area, we can help you find the look that is right for your pool.

Other popular add-ons

  • Fire boxes
  • Grottos
  • Swim-up bars
  • Tanning areas
  • Decks
  • Water jets
  • Fencing

Imagine your pool at its best. What would it look like? What features would it have? What have you always wanted your backyard to look like? Would you like to be able to entertain more? If you’ve got some ideas or would like some inspiration to help you get your renovation off the ground, we can help you do just that. Call us today with your idea, and we will begin putting together a detailed estimate for your exciting pool renovation.